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Member Spotlight: Anastasia Georgiu

Welcome to Art Dolls Only's Member SPOTLIGHT! ADO shares an article focusing on it's members on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of each month! (February's 30th installment will share on the 28th)

Today's member spotlight is Anastasia Georgiu, creator of anastasia dododolls.  Get to know Anastasia and her beautiful art dolls:

I’m from Thessaloniki, Greece and I have been creating one of a kind art dolls for the last 10 years.

My primary medium is the air dry clay Premier, which I really love.
I’m a shelf taught doll artist. I have been making dolls/miniatures from as long as I remember for myself.  I was used polymer clay and paste  my aunt from Italy sent me a book about the “art of paste”). The dolls were one dimensional in the beginning and then 3 dimensional like Kokeshi style. After many years, paste could not give me the details needed for sculpting, so I  started working with PaperClay, Ladoll and finally Premier clay.

I do not have a specific favorite technique or a favorite art or era. My inspiration comes directly from my life, my experiences and what ever is part of my mind and soul.
I never do research and rarely make a sketch, I just grab a piece of clay and start making the eyes of the doll.
A piece of advice that I would gladly give to a new doll artist is to look in their hearts for what they want their doll to become.  Every emotion can be easily expressed by making art - by creating a doll.

My dream project is to make my dolls “swim” one day !!
I have participated in many Contemporary Art Group Exhibitions and Festivals over the years. In my last Exhibition I created my first BJD, “Abby”, who was the main character of a Stop Motion Animation Project:      "Abby’s notes” based on Child Abuse"
You can find more of my work on facebook group anastasia dododolls at :

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