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Member Spotlight: Lorraine Gerbi

Welcome to Art Dolls Only's Member SPOTLIGHT! ADO shares an article focusing on it's members on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of each month! (February's 30th installment will share on the 28th)

Today's member spotlight is Lorraine Gerbi of PieCaKe Primitive Folk Art Dolls.  Lorraine is from North Versailles, Pa.  Get to know Lorraine and her fabulous art.

What kind of Art Dolls do you create?  What is your primary medium?  I make mainly cloth dolls, that are Primitive Folk Art style with a touch of whimsy.

 How long have you been a doll maker? How did you get your start in doll making? It all started back in the early 2000’s when my mom found my gram’s sewing machine in her attic.  She asked me if I wanted it, and I said “sure, why not?”  I started out making really simple things like pillows are very primitive animals, and with a lot of trial and error over the years I developed my style of dolls that I hope is unique to me!  It’s so cool when people tell you that they knew it was your doll just by looking at a picture and not even seeing your name.

Where did you learn to make dolls?  I pretty much taught myself how to make dolls with lots of practice.

 How has your practice change over time?  I think I have gone from the more grungy Primitive style of dolls to more of the whimsical folk art style of dolls.

Where does your inspiration come from? My inspiration can come from anything!  It could be an old postcard that I see..the seasons and holidays… a piece of fabric that I think would make a great dress…or some odd and end that I find at the flea market that I think would make a great doll accessory.

 Do have any doll artists that inspire you? I really get inspired by all doll makers…I really love seeing everyone’s unique style, which I think takes a lot of hard work. 

 What advice would you give new doll artists?  I believe it is important to create from your heart and have your own unique stamp on your dolls.  It is wonderful to be inspired by other doll makers, but it is not good to imitate what others is far better to have your own style and be know for it.:o)

 Do you have any tips on marketing art dolls?  I would say definitely to network on the social medias..have a Facebook fan page, a blog, Twitter, ect.  Another great idea is to submit your work to doll magazines..getting published gets you recognition!

 What is your favorite venue to share your work? 

 Where can our fans find you on line?

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