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Member Spotlight: Kimmie Lovin

Welcome to Art Dolls Only's Member SPOTLIGHT! ADO shares an article focusing on it's members on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of each month! (February's 30th installment will share on the 28th)

Today's member spotlight is Kimmie Lovin of JeepersKreepers.  Kimmie is from New York City.

  • What kind of Art Dolls do you create? Some would describe my Art Dolls as dark but I do lighten up now and again.
  • What is your primary medium? Polymer clay!!!  Love it
  • How long have you been a doll maker?  2 years now, non-stop.
  • How did you get your start in doll making? I made my first art dolls 20 years ago when fimo started getting popular but it wasn’t hard enough after baking and my creations were not standing the test of time.  I came across a doll artist blog one day about 2 years ago and fell in love all over again.  I have been making them since.
  • Where did you learn to make dolls? Primarily self-taught.  There is a lot of great info on the internet though.  
  • Share a little about your first doll. My first art doll was my Victorian Skeleton  Doll.  The sculpt of the head, hands and feet came out okay but there’s a really bad fabric covered flimsy wire armature under that badly sewn dress.  I think some of the dress is actually glued!!!  I never do that now.  But I was hooked after making her and was on a mission to find out everything there was to make them better.

  • How has your practice change over time?  I sculpt much better now, still needs improving but I was out of practice for many years.  I can also sew now, which makes costuming so much nicer now.
  • What art do you most identify with? Dark art, I gravitate toward it.
  • Do you have a favorite doll that you have made? Yes, she’s one of the early dolls I created but I loved her.  
  • What are your favorite materials to create with? Polymer clay, I like using human hair now as well.  Vintage material, leather and lace.
  • Where does your inspiration come from? Everywhere.  Photos of friends and family, color, color is like music to my eyes!!  
  • What is your favorite supply to work with? I love crackle.  Gives some of my dolls that old antique and even creepy look that I love.

  • What is the most difficult aspect in your process, (anatomy/costuming/doing the bloody hair) and how you manage it?  Doing the bloody hair!!!  Not that it’s difficult but it’s so darned time consuming.  I would have to say anatomy is my weakest.  
  • What does your work area look like? Mind you I am sharing the clean version of my studio.  It’s really not as tidy as all this anymore.
  • Do have any doll artists that inspire you? Oh God yes, the first doll artist I came across was Sheri DeBow, she inspired me right away.  There’s really just too many to list.
  • What memorable responses have you had to your work?  Tears from my friend who had lost her Dad.  I made her a Day of the Dead Doll ( pictured above)  During the Day of the Dead festival people wear skull masks and dance in the streets to celebrate the lives of their departed relatives.
  • What food, drink, song inspires you? Listening to 70’s music whilst drinking a little wine and eating CHEESE!!!
  • What advice would you give new doll artists? Create, Create and create some more.  Let other artists inspire you, in the long run you will find your own individual voice.  Scour the internet for info, make mistakes but try not to make the same ones twice.  Eventually you will find your own process.
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?  Don’t waste your talent.  Time and talent are precious gifts, use them to the fullest extent.
  • Do you have any tips on marketing art dolls?  I’m still learning but the internet is a wonderful tool.  Use it!  Create a blog (you may not think what you have to say and share might be worthwhile but others do.)  Create a website.  Join facebook and make a fan page.  Join groups!

  • What research do you do before you create? I love doing research.  I have done some interesting characters in History.  I read all about them and search through any and all photos I can find.
  • What is your dream project?  To work on a much larger scale as far as sculpting goes.  Space wise I am challenged.
  • What are you currently working on? Right now I am working on a Fall Doll Swap project.  She’s an Indian Squaw.  I still have to sew the clothing for her.  I love swaps!
  • Where can our fans find you on line?
  • My Blog:
  • Facebook art page:
  • Facebook:
  • Web page:

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