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The Traveling Art Doll Project

It's finally TIME!! With all of our re grouping, we had to put the Traveling Art Doll Project on hold until we could get better organized. On top of that, we had a wave of new members, and a new system for our group to communicate. We had to be sure we had that down before we got the project going again.

We are so excited to announce that we're STARTING!!
Our members are hosting the Traveling Art Doll Project once again, and collaborating in groups of three and four to create one of a kind art dolls with the other members of their teams! 
How does the TAD project work, you ask? 
Each member of a team will START (but not finish) a doll, and mail it to the person below them in their team list. Each person on the team will add to each doll in some way, with their style or ideas for that doll. When the doll is at it's last cycle, the person at the end of that cycle will complete the doll. Then the doll will return to it's original owner, as a complete doll! Each member will be allowed two weeks to work on the doll most recently shipped to them. Start date is March 15th, and we'll be done in May! Be sure to keep your eye out for posts from our team leaders with updates from their team members. You can also check out artists and their doll's progress by visiting those participating in the project!  
Check them out!

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