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Member Spotlight: Stephanie Brockway

Welcome to Art Dolls Only's Member SPOTLIGHT! ADO shares an article focusing on it's members on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of each month! (February's 30th installment will share on the 28th)

Today's member spotlight is Stephanie Brockway.  Stephanie is from Portland, Oregon.  Check out her beautiful work!

What kind of Art Dolls do you create?  I carve dolls from wood, usually a found object. I love to see the grain and age show through. They are stiff and have an antiquish quality

What is your primary medium? Wood, Usually a found object, an old bed post or furniture piece, that has a lot of wear, it has an instant heirloom quality.

How did you get your start in doll making?
  I call myself the accidental doll maker. I started carving into wood then wanted to make a girl..."Pet Bee Girl", "Heart in a Cage Girl" "Bravo Girl " then they started selling @  Guardino Gallery. The owner said that doll collectors were buying them, it even hadn't even occurredto me I was making a dollsBut the description of what an art doll was changed my mind, now I embrace it!

What art do you most identify with? Primative Folk ArtI love the roughness, where you really see the artists finger prints

Do you have a favorite doll that you have made? (Share a photo) Scarlett is my favorite, she measure 58 inches, she can sit independently and now sits in my studio

 What is your favorite technique? Power Carving to rough out the wood, before I finish with knivesThen acrylic paint really brings out the features.

What food, drink, song inspires you? Coffee, Chocolate, and Alternative Rock Music

Do you have any tips on marketing art dolls? I think just getting out there, Blogging, Facebook, craft shows, finding a boutique where you might be a good fit. I myself am still figuring it out, and hope to get going on Etsy and have a better web sight
 What is your favorite venue to share your work? (Share a link)Trying to get your pieces published is a very sweet boost, keep trying! I was thrilled to just be published in Feb, Art Doll Quartely and  Spring/ Prims 

What are you currently working on? (Share a photo)I am doing a Solo show that Opens May 30th,@ Guardino Gallery I am really busy. I have a 5 foot puppet and many characters being carved. For a forest fantasy installationwith over 25 carved pieces, watch my blog or facebook page for details.
Where can our fans find you on line? Stephanie Brockway Artist @ Facebook 

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