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Member Spotlight:Palma Battaglia (Elettra Land)

Welcome to Art Dolls Only's Member SPOTLIGHT! ADO shares an article focusing on it's members on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th of each month! (February's 30th installment will share on the 28th)

Today's member spotlight is Palma Battaglia.  Palma is from Milan, Italy.  Her dolls are stunning - have a look!

What kind of Art Dolls do you create? I sculpt One of A Kind Dolls in polymer clay

1.What is your primary medium? Usually I use Prosculpt but also Living Doll

2.How long have you been a doll maker? I discovered OOAK in dicember 2010 and I sculpt my first doll in genuary 2011

3.Do you have a favorite doll that you have made? At the momento my favorite doll is my first BJD

4.What are your favorite materials to create with? Prosculpt, wood for bases, and I love make dresses with every type of fabric.

5.Where does your inspiration come from? From Nature, from paintings of famous artists, from comics.

6.What is the most difficult aspect in your process, (anatomy/costuming/doing the bloody hair) and how you manage it? Athletic men body is very difficult to sculpt but I try to copy in the best way I can the pictures of real men.

7.What does your work area look like? Like a bomb explosion! :-D I have a corner in my dining room with an antique style secretaire when I work after dinner. 

8.What is your dream project? Ohh, I have many dreams... but first of all I would like to represent a fairy tale with many details ad many characters.

9.What are you currently working on? I'm working on a wedding cake topper commission: the bride and the groom sculpted in polymer clay.

10.Where can our fans find you on line? I'm on FB with my page Elettra Land OOAK Creations 
and my private profile Elettra Land

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