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Warrior Women and Cartoons - ADO CHALLENGES

Art dolls -  Red by Rosanna Pereyra Michelle and Supergirl by Mandy Vella Murdica 

Art Dolls Only Monthly challenges are a wonderful way to highlight the amazing talents of both ADO members and followers. Congratulations to all who participated. I think your art dolls are magical and inspiring. I hope many others will follow your example and join some of the exciting challenges coming up each month in 2014.

APRIL : Warrior Women
Mother Earth by Diana Biscaioli 

White Crow by Sharon Matthews 

Cahira by Susan Wasson 
Boadicea by Amy Harrold 

Queen Maureen by Fay King 

little Victoria by Chicho , Bel &  Chic Creaciones Exclusivas
"A true warrior is not one who always wins but despite defeat, she never gives up"

MAY : Cartoons /Comics
Wonder Woman by jbTurla 

Tribute to the illustrator, Moebius by Chico, Bel &Chic 
and a few more ...
Warrior Woman by Alessandra Nicolin
Batman by Arelly Andrade 
Angry Bird by Wilma Simmons 

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