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Membership Application

Our membership is open!
Interested in becoming a member?  Please read below to see what becoming a member will mean for you.
Membership Requirements:
You should BE a doll artist! (if you don't MAKE art dolls, this group is not for you!)
  • Our focus is on facilitating opportunities for extensive promotion of our members. 
  • It is our goal to create a supportive and friendly environment for both fans AND members. Actions by members that do not agree with this goal may be removed. 
  • It is our intention that fans of ADO do not feel as though they have signed up to be sold to. We aim to facilitate sharing of sale items by sharing those items in a specific way. Please be sure to follow those guidelines.
  • It is our hope that both members and fans will have a good time and feel like they are part of a community. Have FUN with us!! 
If you are comfortable with these membership requirements, please follow the application process outlined at the bottom of this page! Thank you for your interest in Art Dolls Only!  

Here's what Membership in ADO looks like:
  1. Visit Facebook and ‘LIKE’ the public ADO page. 
  2. Join our Members Group. (link will be sent upon membership approval, please DO NOT request to join before you get your approved membership email) 
  3. Be active in both places.
INTERVIEW: This interview will be used to create your membership spotlight and to promote you publicly on our website, and that post shared on our facebook fan page.

ADO encourages it’s members to self promote. What you put into this area of ADO will directly impact the exposure you will receive as a member of our group. The more you participate, and more YOU are exposed. 

As a member of ADO, you will have access to a group pin board where you can post items for sale, or works in progress. From ADO’s group board, our pinterest coordinator will add your pins to more specific boards.
We have two flickr groups. You should join both of them. Images that you share within these two groups are shared in a live widget on our website.
Membership Only:
Challenge Group:
We will host one challenge a month. These challenges will be shared as EVENTS on our facebook fan page. We don’t expect members to participate in every challenge. We do hope that members will take part in as many challenges as they can. Challenges are open to fans of ADO. Taking part in them will expose your work to the public in a different way than simply sharing links or photos with everyone. Challenges are also one of the accepted proofs of active participation at our check in events.
ADO has a members only area of Facebook where we host weekly activities that encourage members to HELP EACH OTHER promote and interact on social media. 

Like what you see? Want to be part? Here is our application!
COPY AND PASTE these questions into an email, and send them, AND your replies to: 
  • Please do not remove the questions below when you send your application. They should remain in place, FOLLOWED by your response to each one.
  • Please place MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION in the subject line of your email.
  • DO NOT send your responses in a word document. Please send your application in the body of your email.
You should be a doll maker to be a member of ADO. ARE YOU A DOLL MAKER? If your answer is NO, please do not apply to our membership. Our group is specifically FOR doll makers. 







This link can be a Flickr account, a blog, etc. If your dolls are shown in one of the links you have already shared, please state which link to use. 

How much of your doll making process is yours, and how much of your process is from manufactured pieces?  A general percentage of what is your work is fine. Example: I make 75-100% of my dolls myself, depending on how many found and thrifted items I use in each piece.  

Please answer the following questions that apply to your work:

  • Do you sculpt your own faces or use molds? 
  • Are the molds an original design of your own, or manufactured? 
  • Are cloth dolls made from a pattern?
  • Is the pattern an original design of your own or purchased? 

Please indicate YES or NO to the following statement:
Your participation in our challenges and events will impact your success as a Member of ADO. By becoming a member, do you agree to participate in the promotion of not only yourself, but of other members through group activities hosted by ADO?

Please indicate YES or NO to the following statement:
I understand that upon being accepted into Art Dolls Only Membership, I agree to abide by the requirements of the group:

Please indicate YES or NO to the following statement:
I understand that I cannot share links to items for sale on facebook. All items for sale and shared with ADO must be shared in the form of a PHOTO with a link to the sale in the description ONLY:

Please indicate YES or NO to the following statement:
I understand that photos of NUDE or TOPLESS dolls is against Facebook's Terms of Service, and I will not post them in any ADO public gallery or page. I understand that ADO accepts works of progress undressed ONLY if the breast or other exposed parts are in progress, and not finished:

Please indicate YES or NO to the following statement:
Do you give permission for ADO to use images shared by you within our group areas for promotion including, but not limited to, Facebook member promotions, ADO newsletters, ADO blog/website, Pinterest and Flickr accounts? (ADO will only use your images in promotion of the group and it's members, and will not sell your images)

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you would like to be considered for ADO membership: